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Taking the quiz and would like know the intent. They start out asking the R- value of two types of insulation. Inspectors are not required to determine / report on R-value but then it goes on… they give a couple questions based on US DOE and 2006 IBC tables but the tables are not included as part of the quiz… so are they suposed to be memorized? I would think this is a question to check ones ability to read the stated chart but when you go back to the chart all you quiz answers are lost.

I hate insulation in South Florida.

It hides all I need to see for Wind Mits and it always make it hot and humid as hell.
The wide open well ventilated attics always are much more comfortable in florida and

“I BELIEVE” big wide open attics with great ventilation actually doo a better job in South FLorida than air tight hardly ventilated attics do. JUST MY OPINION based on being in them and in the homes.

Based on my personal experience on anything other that a flat roof with minimal space less insulation is better for the interior.

I am sure FPL and most will disagree but I feel a big well ventilated attic keeps a house much cooler in the summer than a damn near sealed off attic with a ton of insulation does.

The aboved mentioned seem to hold the heat and transfer it to the inside as well.

You are mistaken. There are no questions in the final exam that aren’t drawn from material that can’t be returned to. Lot of negatives in that sentence. Let me try again: The final exam questions are all drawn from material within the course that you can return to.

Hi, Randy.
I have reviewed that section of the course and will be updating information contained within based upon some of the new insulation standards found in Chapter 11 of the 2012 International Residential Code.

In relation to the R-value, home inspectors are required to inspect the insulation, describe the type of insulation and the approximate average depth. I refer you to the Attic Section of the International Standards for Home Inspectors at

Thank you for your questions.