Attic Insulation- what material is this?

Does anyone know what type of insulation is this? It’s a very light in weight, it appears on most to be yard leaf like material and or ground up cardboard.

It look like Cellulose insulation.

It’s just very interesting to me that it was brown in color

They grind up all types of things to make it.

It sure looks like cellulose to me, also. Of course, I am in MI. :smiley: :+1: :thinking:

Thanks for the help gentlemen!

You’re welcome. :smiley:

How old is the property?

I was thinking cellulose too. Glad to see I was in line with the CMIs

It is cellulose. Down here in the south it can turn darker from high humidity and dirt. I would check to see if the fart fans are vented into the attic and if there is enough ventilation in the attic (soffits open and not covered over? Ridge vents? Gables?). If there is enough moisture trapped in the attic it may be causing a problem.


Looks like rock wool. Dusty nasty stuff compacts over time.

It is Cellulose, We used it almost exclusively for over 30 years when we were insulation contractors. Over the years it has changed somewhat. It was almost 100% (Plus Fire Retardant) derived from Newsprint (newspapers) Now it is not as clean of a product since newsprint is almost a thing of the past. Now it is going to be made from many different sources of recycled paper. If you see the totally brown stuff it will be the Cellulose derived from Cardboard, at one time it went by the brand name Cordex®. It really is a regional thing. It depends on the location of the Cellulose Factories whether you will see it in your area, especially now. As a general rule 10-11 inches will be an R-38 vs 15-17 inches for a blown fiberglass.

You probably will never see it but you may run across a very White looking Cellulose. We did about 4 houses with a special run of cellulose for customers that were Chemically Sensitive. We special ordered Virgin Newsprint , it was made from the ends of the roll that was not printed on. It was somewhat expensive and we used it both as a spray applied product (wet-spray) for the walls and in the attics for those houses.

I’ll bet you if an HI other than myself sees this, they are going to think it is asbestos. As far as I know we were the only ones to use and install it.

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Thanks Larry. I thought it looks like cardboard, just wasn’t as familiar with all of the recent products they make cellulose from. Makes sense. Thanks you for all of this information! Thank you guys also for the help and support. Happy inspecting!

Loose blown cellulose…see alot of it in Central Florida

Im in the northeast and they used to use it here, but looks like cellulose to me too.
( Blown in)