Attic Insulation

I am new in Omaha, NE and only done a few inspections but have come across this twice.

On a ranch style house the area above the garage is not insulated, nor are the walls of the garage, but the ceiling areas and walls of the rest of the house are insulated just fine.
Is this normal? Should I note it on my reports? If so how? structurally everything is fine.

My thought is this is more of an energy audit issue. am I right?

It is common here but it does not hurt to report what You saw…

Jim has it…report what you see. :slight_smile:

Were the ceiling or walls of the garage drywalled?

the 2 exterior walls (one was mostly door) were not but the 2 interior walls were.

I did the right thing. I reported what I saw but didn’t mark it as an issue.

Would this be a good opportunity to mention an energy audit once I get certified?

Is there heat in the garage? If there is no heat then there is no point in insulating ceiling or walls really. Garage doors do not seal well and because of this are not included in the “home audit” with regards to using a blower door. If that’s what kind of audit your talking about.

Most homeowners are not going to take a look up in the attic so it’s good to mention