Garage ceiling insulation

Is there an issue with no insulation in the enclosed attic of an attached garage? Garage is not a heated attached garage.

I don’t know if it’s an issue, but I make sure my client knows and also the lack of a vapor barrier if they want to insulate.

No issue.

Thank you sir!

You insulate the living space. The garage isn’t one.

I can not remember of a single garage that has had insulation in the attic. Down here, people use that space to cook their luggage and Christmas decorations all summer long.

Vapor barrier…wow.

Its not being a cheapskate per say but simply being practical.

When I build custom homes for clients I advise not to insulate a garage unless they are actually working in the garage (auto mechanics, wood shop. etc.) and conditioning same, otherwise the space ends up retaining heat during the summer and cold during the winter.

When doing builder warranty inspections, I have had clients comment to me about the garage being too hot or cold. The majority of the time it is the result of the design of the home…ie. finish bonus room over garage and habitable rooms on at least two other walls. I will give them some solutions however I let them know its outside the responsibility of the builder to fix it. I also let them know that simply keeping your garage door open 6 inches does not adequately vents same, not to mention the pests (mice, rats, snakes) that find their way into the garage.



In Florida , builders do not insulate the garage atic space , since it is not temperture controlled area. It’s when some one decides to make this a play room and add H.V.A.C. that you need it.

No issue. Very common here.