Attic lumber is darker

Comments on the darker wood in these pics please. Ive seen similar in other attics.
Thanks in advance.

Attic Ventilation issues.
Suspect: Mold proliferation.
Condition: Attic inadequately vented.
Recommend: A licensed venting contractor: Further evaluate and improve attic ventilation.
Recommend: A licensed Microbial growth testing and remediation contractor evaluate stained attic lumber.
Refer to any recommendations.

Thank you, Robert!
The crawlspace had it’s share of moisture-related call outs too.

It’s a bit of a peculiar pattern in some places for mold. Some of it seems like it may have been on the lumber prior to construction. Tough to tell though.


It looks like the roof may have been resheathed, the sheathing looks newer than the framing.


I was just thinking that.

I’ve seen this before. It’s like a patina on wood as it ages. When I have seen it, it never appeared to be moisture related or any type of bio growth.


What’s odd is it also looks like it is on the sheathing. Strange, but it doesn’t jump out as mold to me either.


The sheathing staining is soot/dirt from vapor movement imo.


I was thinking that they waited too long to reshingle, allowing moisture under the shingles, causing the sheathing to mold and rot?


@sbridges2 @ruecker both great points. This is kinda like throwing mud on the wall and see what sticks.

I’m also curious if the milling process may contribute to the discoloration.


I’ll guess I’d refer it out for mitigation/repair, as necessary, by a qualified WDO specialist. :man_shrugging:

I didn’t see much of that up here.


Looking from the inside, not seeing the outside roofing and siding, I would bet it has new roofing and siding. You can see the new house warp in the seems of the sheathing.


Whatever it is, it looks purplish on my screen.

@jnicholson7 did it have a purple tint to it in person or is that just the lighting?

I’m thinking either just natural patina or some surface contaminate. Ultimately, it looks like oil to me. That’s why I was thinking the mill. I’m just not seeing moisture or bio growth from here in Atlanta.


Sorry, but I am leaning in a different direction. but that is me. :grinning: I had to put the smiley face in there.


It is possible. But how do you reconcile some of the non-natural looking patterns? That’s where I am struggling. Also I can’t get over the purplish look to it, lol.

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I see more chocolate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it goes nicely with the drapes.

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Could be. Maybe this thing was built in the spring mud.

No purple tint in person.

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Ok, so just the lighting and maybe my computer screen. Did you try and scrape any off? Was it chalky, moist, dried on, loose, etc?

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