Auto-generated Certificate of Completions for Electrical, Roofing, and SOP courses.

Nick, its a nice touch to be able to print out certificates for all of the online courses:). Thanks, Chris

Chris, not only is it a nice touch it helps members in soon to be licensed states to proove compliance with grand fathering clauses as we have seen in NY.

All members should complete these NACHI required courses as part of their own future compliance histories.

It is very hard to argue with affidavites of compliance based on NACHI collated information, held on a secure server.




I agree and have received my certificate.

If the class is for Members Only how does the message here fit in to the mix?

Non-Members: If you are not a member of NACHI, you can sign in with the user name and password you use for the exam. If you do not have an exam user name and password, sign up for a free user name now.
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I want to know, so I can let others who are not members know about this new online class.

OK Never mind!

Non-members get to see the first page only, that’s better.

A friend signed on and the message makes this clear. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can now download a Certificate of Completion for any of the three courses, EVEN IF… you have already take the course. Here’s how: