Automatic garage door openers..what are concerns?

I pretty much understand checking auto reverse sensors (6" from floor) to see if they cause auto reverse…
I check “obstacle” auto reverse by physically feeling how much downforce
is exerted before reversing, and make it a personal judgement call about being excessive…
Also understand that manual door locks should be disabled to prevent inadvertent damage to garage door opener…so far so good?

  1. What about “safety cables” for auto garage door openers?
    What should be in place? What should NOT? And what do they look like?

and…any other concerns 'bout auto garage door openers I oughta be looking for?
Thanx in advance!

The safety cables are relevant to any overhead door with extension springs, with or without an automatic opener. The cable is run through the center of each spring to contain its motion in the event that it breaks or is suddenly released while under tension. Doors with torsion springs do not require cables because the shaft running down the center of the spring will prevent it from going anywhere.

Jim King

Does the torsion spring balance the door when it’s disconnected from the opener?

Study this thoroughly. Should answer most all of your questions.



Attempting here to include photo of something owner has been fiddling with,
w/ re: to safety cables…
Bottom line? If auto gar door is equipped with humongous, strong coil springs…
should these safety cables be in place?
any other cables or components that should be disabled (besides manual door locks) for automatic garage door openers?

make sure the Door to the home is fire proof and closes tight automatically and has a tight fitting gasket.
You do not want to kill all the people in the home with a loose door.
Check the car entrance to the garage if has a curb write it up as trip hazzard.
You will do fine every thing will fall into place . please let us know how it went .

does anyone call out doors that do not reverse under pressure but have electric eyes that work well and are placed at the correct height?

All the time. Most garage doors and their openers need to be adjusted to be safe. An unbalanced rollup door is the closest thing I know to a guillotine.

Yes Scott, I also call them out if the opening force is set too strong.

Since 1993 both an auto-reverse opener and an external entrapment protection system (usually an electronic eye) have been required. Checking for the presence of a spring safety cable is also a good thing.

Some HI also check that the door is stable (won’t just drop down) in various positions with the opener disconnected via the quick release. However that is beyond the SOP as it requires “disassembly”.

Here is a link to a CPSC Bulletin on on overhead garage doors …