Aux panel. green ground screw installed

This home was built in the early 90’s. The main panel in the basement is all Romex. The owner added a second attached garage. The aux panel in the garage is all conduit. There are no separate ground wires in the panel. The green ground screw is still installed so therefore the neutral and ground are still connected. The owner says his union electrician installed it and it is correct. Another opinion? Thanks, Ken



The screw needs to be removed and the EGC’s and neutrals separated with the neutral bus floating. Is that an EGC with the feeder conductors?

Is the conduit steel or plastic .

The conduit is metal providing grounding. This is what I normally write.
· **Safety Issue: **The Sub-panel neutral (white wires) should not be connected to the ground wires or to any metal part of the panel. This can be hazardous. (On aux. panel installations the green grounding screw should be removed. This should be further investigated)