Electrical Mains Bonding

This home had 2 Main Panels next to one another in the basement. Massive home 3700 square feet basement plus 3 stories. I’m struggling to determine if the neutral and ground wires are properly bonded. I don’t see any green screw, or any screw in an area that would appear to bond a bus bar to the panel. Neutrals and grounds are on completely seperate bus bars, except each panel has one bus bar with both wires. (Each panel has grounds on the left bus bar and neutrals on the right; each panel has 1 neutral wire connecting to the ground bus bar only, I cannot determine if there are additional bonding measures). Does this appear wrong or satisfactory?

Additionally, there is a seperate service drop on a detached garage. The main is outside and sub panel inside. This sub panel has 2 ground wires on the right bus bar, which contains neutrals (not pictured). As this is a sub panel they should not be bonded, which I marked as a defect. One of these ground wires came from the 220 volt dryer receptacle, and the other was unknown

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The two bars are bonded together and there’s a green bonding screw at the bottom left side.

I don’t see a green screw anywhere. I see bronze colored screws?

Looks like a green screw from here too, bottom LH corner.


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I agree with above. Did you take a photo of the schematic? There is enough poop going on there that someone need to clean it up. Time to get pricing and not try to create a full punch list.

As Kevin posted, and here is an enlargement.

Thanks. I see it here on the computer but missed it on my phone.

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