Awesome inspection software (MAC friendly) for just $400.

Hey Nick,
You’re awesome. Thank you for the video. Please let Valerie know she did an great job! We uploaded the new version of Home Inspector Pro 2.5 (runs on Mac & Windows) today and are uploading all new sample reports which show off the new features right now. New features include the ability to change border colors for each section, adjust the thickness of the borders, place unlimited photos anywhere in the report or at the end, rearrange report sections, adjust page breaks and more. I’ll make an official announcement with all the features shortly once I finish up the sample reports.

Please email , call, use the live chat, or instant message me for the $100 off coupon code. Just let me know your name and nachi id number.
AIM: dmaricic
Yahoo: dcmeagle
ICQ: 513303


I can see you replacing Jay Leno or Letterman!!!


Good luck with your software!!

Thanks Mario :slight_smile: Yes, Nick definitely is good at being a host! He caught every detail, positioned everything well, helped keep the conversation flowing and made sure the coconut didn’t hit me in the head.

Then you narrowly missed becoming a “Kadonk”. That is a nickname the Hawaiians have for tourist (especially Japanese) who like to stand under a coconut tree looking up at the coconuts. Apparently kadonk is the sound a coconut makes when it hits a human head. BTW, where does one find a fully encased coconut in Colorado. Did it have a monkey face carved or painted on one side and come from the Nachi souvenir shop?

I thought the coconut looked like a Christmas ham sitting on Nick’s desk in one of the early flicks…#-o

Good luck with your software Dominic.:slight_smile:

Wow, the repsonse from NACHI inspectors has been unbeliavable. I’ve been on the phone constantly since 6am this morning PST and responded to around 50 emails. It’s quite amazing the number of inspectors using Mac’s. About 30% of the inspectors that have download the trial version of the program today got the mac version. That’s quite a bit considering that mac has less than 10% of the operating system market.

Dominic, do me a favor and link to “AS SEEN ON NACHI.TV” from your site please.

Did it about 15 minutes ago on the home page :slight_smile: I put Watch the NACHI.TV video on Home Inspector Pro!!]( . Do you want me to use your exact text?

Nah, whatever you want.

Question: Is it “MAC friendly” or “cross platform” ? What is the best way to refer to it?

It’s probably best to say ‘Runs on Windows & Mac’. Cross platform would be the term used in the software industry, but that wouldn’t directly mean it runs on Mac (it could run on linux and windows and be cross platform).

I also included the link in the annoucement to inspectors using our software of the release of version 2.5, I forwarded you a copy as well.


Don’t forget about our friends at HomeGauge, Porter Valley and Inspector Sites who have also done a great deal to help NACHI members.

I asked HomeGauge and Porter Valley to come on the show first. I think they are nuts. They’ll spend thousands of dollars going to a convention where only 400 inspectors walk by their booth.

NACHI.TV charges guests nothing to produce, edit, host and advertise a show for them. NACHI.TV gets 600 viewers an hour, every hour.

HomeGauge and Porter Valley may smart at writing software, but they are awfully dumb when it comes to bean counting.

I should say that neither turned me down, they just did the “yeah, we should do your show some time” thing.

you snooze you lose.

I was one of the people who called Dominic on Saturday. Liked the TV spot and am interested in the software. He was very pleasant and patient with all my questions. He was very friendly and this assures me that this may be the type of person I would like to do business with.

He just put in a patch for bulk photo this morning.
It seems to be improving every day.

Does your software have accounting software and the client information can be used for future marketing, or can it work with other accounting software and email programs? I am trying to avoid entering information two or three times about one client in different programs?
I really like your report system so far.

Hi James,

We actually don’t have an accounting package as part of the program, and probably won’t add one. We felt that inspectors can buy awesome programs like Quickbooks from a billion dollar company and get a much better program than we ever could create. I’d rather see us focus on making the best inspection program possible.

The cost of the inspection is integrated onto the contract page so that handles that portion.

You can add all the clients and agents to the address book in the program. We are working on an export feature that will dump the info to a csv file so you can use a mail or email merge with another program to mass email your clients.

I’m glad you’re liking the program!