AZ NACHI Meeting


Welcome to Arizona NACHI!

The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in home inspection through education and adherence to a higher level of standards.
****Our next local chapter meeting will be the evening of March 20. The meeting will be held at Joe’s BBQ in Gilbert, Arizona from 6 pm until 9 pm. **

[size=5]Joe’s Real BBQ [/size]
301 N. Gilbert Rd.
Gilbert, Arizona 85234

Guest Speakers:
Jeremy Youngquist of Action Termite - Jeremy will be discussing the steps required to be certified to do termite inspections.

Nick Amaroso - Moisture meters - When and how to use them

Please check back for additional meeting information.

Please check back for additional meeting information.

For chapter information contact:
Cheryl Vowell Belanger at 480-232-1875 or Email

If you would like to get a License to do WDI inspections in AZ you should come on by. If you want to eat BBQ and talk to fellow HI’s that’s fine too.:grin:


Are you the secretary of the state?..:stuck_out_tongue:


Did you see this one Mark?*

I’ll be there