Back flow devices

The home is a 2001 build with publis water and a **septic system.

**[size=2]Is it required to have a back flow at the faucet by the main. Are the requirments the same or are they different since this is a private waste system.

Is there potential for a cross connection at this valve?


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No reason to have backflow preventer unless there is a sprinkler system in the house.

That’s new to me. Never heard of a backflow needed at the water main.

This appears to be a regional thing even in OH
There would have to be some really bad problems with the entire system for CC to occur from the septic

This looks familiar.:smiley:

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I heard of it recently from a local inspector who has a brother in IOWA that recently got a certification to inspect these configurations. Just a few in the state are certified and it seems like it could be a good $$$$$ making opportunity.

Yes there should be an anti-siphon valve on the faucet (hose bib) by the main valve. :smiley: