Bad inspectors by contractor

A contractor who is also a member of this group reroofed my roof 5 or so years ago. After he was done, my husband complained that there was now a leak where there never had been before. The contractor looked at the roof and said he couldn’t see anything. The roof leaked for all these years and has ruined my Sheetrock and floor in the kitchen and the sheet rock in the closet upstairs. I called the contractor again because now my husband has died and I am repairing the damage. My husband didn’t want to confront him about the leak, even though I wanted him to but I’ don’t want epitome up new Sheetrock and flooring only to have it ruined again. I called the contractor again and again he inspected and said he couldn’t see anything. He also said when it got warmer he would look again and put tar on it. I have pretty much found the leak by following the damage inside and I have called him about it. The contractor will not return my calls. The leak is ruining my new subfloor and there is a fugus/mushroom groing around the subfloor. I also have bats inside my house now. How can I get him to fix the leak?emphasized text

Why are you posting this on this forum?


Did this alleged member inspect the home for you or just a re-roof?

My guess is a “drive by” poster Marc…Takes a shot then leaves the scene.

I doubt you can get him to fix it without a court order, and being 5 years after the installation, I personally don’t think your chances would be good. Did you receive any guarantee for the workmanship that was performed?

I would recommend hiring another Roofing contractor to fix it right.

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With the mold, you might call your insurance company for a claim and let them deal with the contractor.

Nope. He reroofed and inspected it later. I just want some advice and I thought by reading this site I would be asking people with some ethics and not mean people.

The answer to your question is in the bold print.

I had a similar experience with a lousy roofer. The roof leaked from day one because it was not installed correctly. I called and complained numerous times and he finally sent someone to look at it. His guy suggested a cricket to fix it and said he would be back. He never returned. When I called again the company owner said the problem was with the siding and not the roof and wouldn’t fix it. That left me with two options, sue or just hire someone to fix it. My time is too valuable so wasting it by going to court wasn’t an option. I called a reputable local roofing company they came and fixed it for $800 and it never leaked again.

On a personal level I can sympathize with your story and since you’ve come here to post your story please tell us why for five years you have taken no action and to let your home get destroyed during that time?


The answer is, unless the did work on the house AFTER he inspected it, telling you it needed a new roof, and he would do it, you’re looking in the wrong direction.

Go to your state licensing board for contractors and find his roofing license if any. Then go to that board with your case.

If he inspected your roof (which he installed) and could not “see” anything, that could be considered complaint with HI Rules (but he is inspection his own work, so no).

As for getting reimbursed for all the damage, not likely to happen because it was knowingly let go for too long. Insurance may overlook some of it though. At this point, you’re going down the road after his licence.

If you have an issue with a contractor you are on the wrong forum even if he is a member here, as the work was not done as an inspector

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No disrespect to your now dead husband… but perhaps he knew more than he told you?
Perhaps this work was “off the books” or a “cutrate deal with no warranty” to keep the price down, and the inspector/contractor only showed to appease the grieving widow as a courtesy. There is a lot of ways to ‘cut prices’ on a roof job to save money, which none of them should ever be done, with the exception of lower grade shingles.
Normally, I would suggest to get your attorney to handle this, but honestly, he/she will cost you more than the roof repairs will cost, and since you waited 5+ years to do anything, you have no recourse to anything damaged by your failure to act.
Good luck.


It was a full rate and he did not cut corners. My husband just didn’t want to rock the boat. I think he thought he would do it himself and it never got done. There was more than one thing like that.

He did inspect it twice.

Thank you. I will contact the State.

Five years is a long time to ignore a problem but I understand how this can happen. Sorry for your loss and I hope you find resolution. But I doubt striking out at this contractor is going to bear any fruit.


Did this, as you put it internachi member, perform a full home inspection for you Before he installed a roof?

Or are you saying he inspected the roof after he installed it and you complained about it leaking? And never did a complete Home Inspection for you?

I think that is where some of the confusion is. She stated that the contractor is a member here and he did the roofing. He went back to “inspect” issues regarding his contracting and never followed up on repairs.

I don’t think “home inspecting/inspection” was meant as an issue. I think the OP just Googled “roof inspections” and found this forum. It would be more helpful it the contractor could be shown to be associated with interNACHI.


That’s the way I read the OP.

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Same here. I was just trying to get OP to clear this up. Big difference.

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Home inspector is the wrong profession for this.
In fact a home inspection might not reveal a leak, unless the damage over time is readily visible, or the owner tells a story.

Roofs must be fixed first, before any interior finishes.