Bag o tools

Hey fellas, I’m just about to get my business off the ground and wanted to get a general Idea from everybody about the “MUST HAVE” tools in my bag. I think I have most of the essentials,however, I still need a couple of items,I think,(maybe more?). As I am on a limited start-up budget, I will not be purchasing the high-end tools/gadgets until I can afford to do so, and still buy groceries…with that being said, I haven’t yet purchased a CO meter/gas sniffer,I’m thinking these would be considered essential? Let me know what you guys think. Thanks in advance for any input!.:smiley:

Ok, I’ll start it. Buy the longest screwdriver that you can find. Not for driving driving screws.

If you do a search there are many threads with this same question, but I will start the list off with a few basics that are needed.

A Decent Camera.
A Good Circuit or at least a plug tester with GFCI test abilities.
A A regular and a Phillips screwdriver
A Good Flashlight.

OK there are tons more, but I will let some others chime in.



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Jeffery, whats the ky for??

If you decide you want to pursue Realtors as your primary source of referrals.

Although I consider it an “essential”, if you don’t have yet have one, get a good moisture meter

Oh ok. So what advice do you have as far as marketing for a new inspector starting out,with no track record?? Cant get referrals if you’re brand new to the business…besides family,friends,past business relationships,etc.etc.

A website is mandatory. If you do not have one already in the works, this needs to move to the immediate top of your “To Do” list. Not tomorrow, but last month!!! It could take up to a year for your website to start producing leads. You need to get it working asap!

I’m pretty sure he markets to Agents. He just saying the knee pads and KY are essential!:mrgreen::smiley:


If you’re located in SW Ohio I would recommend getting yourself listed on Angies List. :mrgreen:

No contractors can pay to be on Angies List. :roll:

Excellent advice.
Gerald as Jeff said you need to start your web presence Immediately If Not Sooner. I actually have like 7 sites now 1 main site and others that feed into it, or actually a few stand alone. I get a large % of my inspections off them way more than Realtors.

Also please remember there are no get rich quick schemes in this biz. If you are approached by anyone or any vendors that claim they have the quick easy answer all I can say is Run, don’t walk to the nearest exit. Especially if this scheme is going to cost you money. OK there may be some products out there that can help, just keep an eye out for the smooth talkers that sell get rich quick gimmicks.

InterNACHI has a boatload of tools, education, websites, graphic artists marketing tool and promo stuff, and all FREE. Start with all of this as there is no need to increase your overhead yet while just starting out.


View my tool box below…

Here’s a great InterNACHI article on essential Home Inspection Equipment.

In our article database, Inspectopedia, inspectors will find a lot of solid advice regarding home systems, tools, marketing (including websites), etc., written especially for inspectors in the section titled “For inspectors, in particular,” in addition to general information articles for both inspectors and homeowners.

Get yourself a really good LED flashlight that takes 18650 LIion batteries along with two batteries and a charger. Something like

If you want to go cheaper and can wait for shipping, you can get something like this, however the single button models are harder to control modes on. Look for something with a CREE XM-L LED module (for now - better ones to some soon, given the rapid rate of LED evolution)

Jeff, James, thanks for the advice,I am designing my logo and building the website as we speak. Billy I actually did see your “you will grow” post and it was very helpful.
Here is what I have acquired so far
1.Werner 21’ ladder
2.Pinless Moisture Meter
3.Voltmeter,Outlet Tester and Voltage Detector
4.LED Headlamp and two other LED Flashlights
6.Telescoping Mirror
8.Olympus Tough,Sony Cybershot tx5 for backup(both waterproof)
9.I.R. Thermometer
10.Utility Knife
12.Ipad Mini (I will be purchasing the HIP software)
As Far as MUST HAVES did I forget anything?? I am looking to buy a CO meter/Combust. gas detector…but I think I can get going with these items.

Another must have for me is a cordless screwdriver. The older panel covers are held on with machine screws that can wear out your wrist in no time.

This is the one I use.

I would add a small level, marble, tape measure, wood popsicle stick (for probing inside electrical panels), keyback for your receptacle tester, business cards and a free internachi microwave tester. I carry all of this plus a picquik screwdriver, non contact voltage detector, knife & camera on my tool belt at all times. Recommend a P100 half mask for attic spaces, 2nd camera as a back up, small cordless screwdriver, towel(s), drop cloth and a cordless hand vac.

Chuck is certainly correct about a GOOD LED flashlight, the most important tool to own.