Bailout Buddy Endorses Obama

Bernanke Endorses Obama
There was a time when Fed chairmen feared to even seem political.

While the Fed chief said any stimulus should be “well targeted,” even a general endorsement amounts to a political green light. Mr. Bernanke certainly knows that Mr. Obama and Democrats on Capitol Hill are talking about some $300 billion in new “stimulus” spending, while President Bush and Republicans are resisting. And by saying any help should “limit longer-term effects” on the federal deficit, he had to know he was reinforcing Democratic opposition to permanent tax cuts.

I love the smell of fresh ink.
The press’s are printing paper money at full speed right now.

With no Gold base(thanks to Nixon) we can just keep printing as much as we need.

Where do you suppose your tax credit will come from?

Don’t let that bother you when inflation strikes. Just demand wage and price controls. :wink:

Inflation is sure as death and taxes,no matter who wins.

Do you remember the 70’s?

Do you want 3% or 12% inflation?

I want it all, a little fear mongering Mikey… Don’t say I didn’t warn you mister. :p:roll::mrgreen:

All the inflation we will be receiving over the next eight years will be due to the mistakes & failed Bush policies, you can count on that.

Wake up Mike, I think it’s here. I know, it’s all Obama’s fault.

Majority of States Now in Recession

What happened between March and today?

“The job market has eroded measurably and industrial production has weakened sharply in the last couple of months. Those are the two key things. The other thing is that retail sales have also sharply weakened,”

Calling the recession a bit early aren’t they?

Defined as two quarters of negative growth.
We haven’t reported even 1 just yet.

Recession … or not?

Just one problem: There isn’t any recession. The latest figures show that we clearly were not in one as of midsummer, whether you use the rule-of-thumb definition - two consecutive quarters of GDP shrinkage - or the looser concept of a sustained and significant economic decline.

Now it feels like we might be in one. We’ll know more after Christmas.:wink:

I’ll admit using President Bush’s top economic adviser as source is questionable. :wink:

Of course joey, you have an out for any screw ups by obama, how convenient.