Thank goodness we bailed out

… Bank of America or they would not have been able to buy my mortgage from Countrywide!!! :mad: For some strange reason…it feels like I am paying twice now.:mad: i sure hope we give them another 10 to 15 Billion, so they can buy more. :roll:

Funny thing is: I’m a BOA stockholder and I feel like I’ve lost my money twice!

I wonder why they did not just pay off everyone’s late mortgage and thus there would be no crisis?

Got $12 Trillion laying around John?

Our kids do. Thats right I dont have any kids. Let some one else pay for obama s spending spree.

This week the Senate voted down a measure which would have allowed bankruptcy judges to modify mortgages thus guaranteeing a continuation in the housing crisis and insuring more foreclosures.
Absent from the measure was a bankruptcy provision that President Barack Obama had promised to push through Congress, but backed down amid stiff opposition from banks. The provision, rejected by the Senate last week in a 45-51 vote, would have allowed bankruptcy judges to lower a person’s mortgage payment.
Note: Currently bankruptcy judges have the discretion to modify all other types of loans.

They need a crisis so that they can keep pumping all this crap down our throats. That’s what Rom Emanuel said “Never let a good crisis go to waste” or something like that. Can you say Shisters…hope I spelled that right

obama has the key to the printing press, so money is no object. ;-):wink: Besides, haven’t you ever heard of Government Housing? They are missing an opportunity to become the world’s largest slum lord! :roll:

What do you mean missed out. They own the banks, GM, Dodge and AIG Thats a good start for 4 months. They had to save something for the rest of the year.

They are already using the Cal. Fires as a reason to raise taxes.

Hell, California will be the first of many federally owned states.


I wonder if they will be fined over the excess carbon produced by the fires, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. :roll: