Balacony Inspection

Hi all
Curious to know if anyone has performed a balcony inspection.

I did an inspection for a client in June and now he is asking me to fill out the following form:
DBPR HR-7020 – Division of Hotels and Restaurants Certificate of Balcony Inspection

The house is listed as a single family, 2 story home and was built in 2003.
The second floor does have a deck/balcony.

Thanks in advance.

“Complete and submit this form if your public lodging establishment is three or more stories in height.”

Your client needs to have it explained to him that you are a general residential inspector, that the form that he has pushed in front of you does not apply to residential inspections, and that for you to complete such a form for a residential inspection would be a clear misrepresentation for which your license could come under scrutiny.

You might want to make him aware that it is the responsibility of the operator to verify the competency of the inspector.

This guy is too cute X2.

Without seeing your narrative from the first inspection or knowing what a DBPR HR-7020 form is,… regardless, it sounds like he wants you to take on more responsibility for the balcony. :frowning:

I thought as much but wanted to confirm with you guys.
Curious thing is that this is a residential home

Thanks for the input

Here is a link to the form. He sent me a copy but I also found it on Google:

I’m thinking depending on the balcony configuration, I would perform that inspection for him under my Commercial Inspection Company for a fee of $600+.


I would definitely be on alert about a client wanting additional documents signed.

Mitchel Brooks