Certificate of balcony inspection


Anybody, have conducted this type of Balcony, Rails & Landing Inspection? Any clue as to how much to charge? There is a DBPR HR-7020 form required (Division of Hotels and Restaurants) State of Florida
Do you charge per unit? Per entire job? By the hour? How much??

Whenever you get into anything out of the the ordinary; By the hour?

Travel should be factored in on such a small job


I would assume they would want a bid…

Depending on how long you would take and how long they allow… they may “piece” it out as well. I would ask prior to estimating timeframes involved and give piece price as well.

Man you guys are crazy and do not have a clue. Here you go: $110.00/hr; 280/units @ 15 min/unit = 4,200 min / 60 min = 70.00 hrs x 110.00/hr = $7, 700 + commuting @ $80.00/trip x 3 trips = $240.00 Grand Total $7,940.00

or $25.00/unit x 280units = $7,000.00 + $240.00 = $7,240.00

Report preparation included. Not a bad three days…:slight_smile:

Whatever is cheaper that is how it will be. I was expecting that someone in this board has done this type of work before (FLORIDA), that is why I asked…

Anybody has a take on this???:mrgreen: Come on Florida Inspectors.

Glad you are a genius and your insults should help you get lot of response in the future.

Good luck with that wonderful personality.

Perhaps you could have clued us in to the details first.

Kinda what Bob said…geesh

I’d also assume it would be tough to get in and out of 32 units a day… Probably would break down to more like a couple weeks or more… notice to tenants (if occ) and so on.

And no… I wouldn’t work by the hour…

Time may be of essence… that’s why I asked if your potential client had a timeframe so that you could cater to their needs.

Good Luck


You are absolutely correct. However, it will be two inspectors. I was just trying to get my FLORIDA colleagues to comment. Bob is way out of the ball park. :roll:This is a requirement in the state of FLORIDA. Chicago happens to be way up North. Although his comments are appreciated;-).

We do perform commercial inspections but this one happens to be a requirement every three years base on DPR in Florida. Anyhow, still is very good money:D. I submitted my quote and it was accepted so, I will put in the job my Jr. Engineer with an inspector to help. That should take care of that deal quite quick and we continue with the rest of our jobs. Business is going wild here in the panhandle, foreclosures and short sales going like crazy. Not mentioning Mold screening and testing. Love it!:smiley:

Is this a costal thing I have not heard of it. I do wind mits and 4 points.
shoot me some info over if you have any

Not everyone here would be qualified to conduct such an inspection. I see you have an engineer to send out, that is a good thing since probably only an engineer is capable of filling out that form. So why would anyone who is not an engineer have the answer? I’d like to add that when they are out checking the balcony on the first floor they need to be checking the one overhead and commenting on that one too. Two thirds of the problems will be most apparent from below. I am assuming these are concrete balconies.

Here you go my friend (GATOR) Bruce:

(11) Balcony Inspection.
(a) As provided in Section 509.2112, F.S., every public lodging establishment which is 3 or more stories in height, or which has a vertical distance of 17 feet or more from the lowest grade level to any balcony must submit to the division a certificate stating that any and all balconies, stairways, and railways have been inspected by a person who, through education and experience, is competent to inspect multi-story buildings and found by such person to be safe, secure, and free of defects. The term “balcony” is defined as a landing or porch that is accessible to or used by the public and shall include those portions of a building which are unenclosed, except by a railing, guardrail system, balustrade, or parapet. It shall also include those portions of a building which are enclosed by screening or other non-permanent building material.
(b) It is the responsibility of the operator to verify the facts and credentials establishing the competency of the multi-story balcony inspector. Such verification shall be clearly stated on the applicable form.
© Certification of inspection shall be submitted on BPR form 22-030, CERTIFICATE OF BALCONY INSPECTION, incorporated herein by reference and effective 9-25-96. Copies of this form may be obtained from any division office.
(d) The certificate shall be received by the division and the applicable local government agency or office from hotels and motels on or before January 1 of every third year and from other public lodging establishments on or before October 1 of every third year.
(e) The operator shall keep a copy of the Certificate of Balcony Inspection, stamped with the date it was received by the district, available for inspection upon request.
(f) Upon change of ownership, a new certificate of balcony inspection shall be filed.
(12) Resort condominiums, nontransient apartments and resort dwellings are exempt from subsections (1), (2) and (3) of this rule. Establishments opting to provide any of the services listed in subsections (2) and (3) of this rule shall comply with the requirements described herein.
Specific Authority 509.032 FS. Law Implemented 509.032, 509.211, 509.2112, 509.221 FS. History-Amended 1-20-63, Revised 2-4-71, Amended 9-19-84, Formerly 7C-3.01, Amended 12-31-90, Formerly 7C-3.001, Amended 3-31-94, 9-25-96, 1-18-98, 8-12-08.

[FONT=Times New Roman]http://www.myfloridalicense.com/DBPR/HR/faq-balcony.html](http://www.myfloridalicense.com/DBPR/HR/faq-balcony.html)[/FONT]

And for you Brian: I’m an Engineer and a home inspector and former builder. A question has become a heck of a topic of non-sense. Oh, by the way, according to Florida DPR you do not have to be an engineer nor need to have especial qualifications.

3. Q: Who can conduct a balcony inspection?
**A: **Any person the owner or operator of the building feels is competent, through education and experience, to conduct such an inspection.

For those that leave in Florida and only FLORIDA! FLORIDIANs this is another stream of revenue. Here is the form. The end of the story!

I’m in California… does that mean it’s not for me? :slight_smile:

Yes, Tim. What a mess. I just move the post to the FLORIDA section. My mistake. :roll:

Now, I should be able to exchange info on this topic with my Floridian colleages. I guess I created a mess by posting in the general section.