Balcony diagonal bracing requirements

Balcony with diagonal bracing. In this case, the balcony is around 6’x8’ and is supported by two diagonal 4x4 braces. The braces each have one 1/2" lag bolt securing them at each end. The ledger board has standard lag bolt fastener pattern installed. The ledger ends have a small 90 degree bracket nailed in place with joist hangar nails.
I’m looking for a guide to assessing these 45 degree supports.
And or…
Any typical overbuild guide standard, like like some great brackets, or a bolt pattern and material standard for ledgers used with additional pull-out weight requirements.
Hate to just say…I don’t like it…it doesn’t look like it’s strong enough…etc…

Thanks, Bill O

2015-08-18 03.41.32.jpg

I would call that out for review by a qualified contractor (looks unsafe from here), and don’t get too involved with structural repair recommendations. That is outside of your SOP if you are not qualified to do so.

If you are unsure about something say so to the client. This does not look like a safe deck. Over time the material will weather and could collapse. I would definitely get a second opinion from a structural engineer or a good contractor.

Defer to a structural engineer.

It does not look safe from here!

I get chills just looking at that POS. I would tell my clients to absolutely not use it until it has been remediated in accordance with an engineer’s specifications.

It doesn’t need to be evaluated by an engineer to determine if it’s safe, it’s NOT. Only to determine if/how it can be made safe, short of a full tear-off and rebuild.

The entire weight of that deck and whatever is on it is probably being born laterally by two 2x4 studs with a couple of nails each holding them to the top plate. I’m surprised that they haven’t been ripped out of the wall already.

If you’re not a structural engineer you have no business comenting on this. However, I do question whether the horizontal supports attached to siding have metal flashing to prevent water intrusion into the wall.