Balcony, siding & garage

Q. Balcony - what is under the decking material? I did mention that the opening under the railing is a safety concern for small children.

Siding - Lets be a cheap *** and only do the front & side cause no one will ever look!!!

Garage - Lets just attach the garage to the ground with no foundation & we will replace all the damage framing at the back but we will not install a gutter & spout so the new owner can replace all the framing material.

Just thought I would share.

85906 Cleveland 022 (Small).jpg

85906 Cleveland 021 (Small).jpg

85906 Cleveland 020 (Small).jpg

85906 Cleveland 023 (Small).jpg

85906 Cleveland 012 (Small).jpg

Dang it, what were we thinking putting siding on ALL sides of our house! GEEEZ! :slight_smile:

How are the attaching the framing of the garage as there is no concrete floor and there doesnt appear to be a foundation?

Hey, only do 3 sides and you can save 25% of siding!


I don’t see anything wrong with this build.:mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue: