Ball valves

I am having a professional plumber replace my aging gate valves on my main water supply line (one below the meter, and one after) with ball valves. I like ball valves. Are there any problems with using them as mains shut-off valves, before it is too late?

Preferred by discriminating plumbers everywhere…

Actually, they are the valve most used these days.

Thanks Jae. I wish I could meet a discriminating plumber here in the US. Don’t get me wrong, they do a good job, but most just do the job you want done not the one that might be better at a slightly higher (equipment) cost.

If I did not ask for ball valves, they would be replaced with gates.

They will replace the toilet, but not the shut-off valve unless we ask. No wonder so many of us try DIY.

I would probably be a good idea to replace the shut off to the toilet also. If it is old, it will probably leak.

I’ve used them for over a decade with no problems. I used them on my house. Use them and sleep well at night.