Bank of America Is A Lowballer

I just got a call from Bank of America to do a final HUD inspection. When I told her it was $250 she seemed surprised and asked why I charge so much. I told her that was my fee and what Bank of America has paid for previous final inspections. She said they pay $100. I told her she would need to find another inspector. Bye!!
That was the Bank of America in Northern Los Angelos.

I charge 100. They only take about 10 minutes to do.

What’s involved with a HUD inspecrtion?

Essentially you look around and confirm that the house is completed, that there are no obvious/visible code violations, and that the house that was built matches the design paperwork available (ie 3BR 2Bath ranch). They also want some basic pictures of all four corners of the house showing final grading/seed/sod. I also include pics of the general interior and all major appliances.

You can get more than that, I do, in the St.Louis region.

It takes more than 10 min. You must drive to location, sometimes contact builder/realtor to allow access, exam property, take photos, drive back, fill out report, estimate cost to complete items that are not yet completed (sod & grade, etc.) Be qualified and available to perform inspections.

It’s worth more than $100.

It’s not like the banks can’t afford it. I had one that said they didn’t have that much left in the budget (after the consultant got his share) but they managed to find the funds somewhere.

I wouldn’t take the liability of any inspection for $100.00

Butyouoffer thses deals. :roll:

Basic Walk-Through Home Inspection
Starting at $140

Advanced Home Inspection (Includes Full Report)
Starting at $190

Yeah Chris, did you notice the price is $140.00. Thats 40% more incase you are not good at math. What are you, a juvenile wanting to argue? If I want to argue I will go to some teen chat room.

Chris is a troublemaker. I hear he does go to teen chat rooms to start trouble.:p:p

40% more increase for 500% more work…just sayin’.

I thought this was a teen chat room…:oops:

I have tried to charge more for those inspections. it sites not work here
$125 is normal, I charge extra depending on distance to travel, like Mark said they dont take long

500% more work? You don’t know what is included in that inspection. So mind your own inspection buisness or go back to trying to find more little boys to play with.

You’re not approvedto perform HUD/FHA inspections, so set down and be quiet.

Once again you show your ignorance. You say that because you were looking on my web sight, but it is new and unfinished. I actually thought of doing away with it because I have enough buisiness without it and don’t feel like I need it. So yes I am “approved” now you need to be the one to sit down and be quiet. I wish I could hang out and continue to show you that your not as smart as you think you are but have an inspection to do. Maybe you will get one or two this next week if your lucky so you don’t have so much time to stir up things in these areas.

I’m a crappy inspector that turns valves and levers and I wouldn’t do any full inspection for 190.00

Be proud of your work guy. You have access to the best training for inspectors. learn and be the best. if you offer a low price what else do you have to offer to convince people to use you?

$190. for a full inspection?:shock: wow, around here that is a low baller. I can almost get that for a Radon test in a Big house. As Jim Bushart always states, All Inspectors Get Paid What They Are Worth. If you low ball, well that’s hurting you and the industry as a whole.



If you are not on the list…your name not on it,…you are not approved to do FHA HUD inspections plain and simple