Basement egress

I was in a house today from 1940 that had a basement. It is EXTREMELY rare to have a basement in my area due to extreme rocky ground.

The basement was broken into 4 different rooms, one was what i would call a mechanical / utility room, NO windows, an “office” original window that was so high and small nobody could ever fit out as (picutred) well as an “egress” window" (picutred), and two additional rooms each with high tiny windows neither of which was open able.

What are the requirements for egress windows in a basement such as this?

In my local area…

100% Unfinished basement… one point of egress only (min.) ie… basement stairs,
Partial Finished w/o bedroom… one additional egress anywhere in finished area,
Partial or full finished with bedroom in basement (each)… dedicated egress from bedroom. Must not be through another room or closet.


Here egress windows are only required in rooms used for sleeping, so your basement would be fine so long as no one takes a nap:-) Your AHJ may not agree, so check with them.