Basement Egress

I was in a new house today with a finished basement (no bedroom). I understand this requires two forms of egress. In this case a window is one of the egress openings. Generally the window should not be more than 44 inches above the floor. In this case the bottom of the window is about 55 inches above the floor but there is an 8 inch wide shelf (probably the top pf the slab foundation wall), that you can stand on to access the window. One the exterior the window is at grade. The thing is this is new construction with a CO. It must have passed county inspection. Any thoughts on the permanent step/shelf? Could not find any documentation on such a configuration.

Technically, (if I remember correctly), if they are using the ledge as a step (perfectly acceptable), the requirement is that the ledge must be a min. **9 inches deep. **

I think Jeff is correct. Although, I may call my local AHJ for verification or verify with local code used via internet, etc.

Here are some examples:

See: 6. d. 2.

  1. If the lowest point of clear opening is more than 46 inches above the floor, a permanent platform or fixture shall be installed such that a flat surface at least 20 inches wide and 9 inches deep is located no more than 46 inches directly below the clear opening.

See: “Distance from the floor”:

If the bottom of the opening is more than 44" above the finished floor, some code authorities will permit you to build one step under the window, no more than 7 3/4" high, permanently attached to the wall, floor or both. A temporary step is not allowed.

Yes that is correct and it is similar here.

Am I not reading the OP correctly? He said it is not a bedroom. If it ain’t a bedroom a second egress is not needed. See that appleton code attachment, same here in edmonton ab btw.

Good point Erik but for the duty of my Client I would make sure to tell them that this can’t be made into a bedroom unless that is corrected.

I’ve got your back Kevin,

From the NACHI SoP.
2. Limitations, Exceptions & Exclusions
2.1. Limitations:
An inspection will not determine the suitability of the property for any use.

I go way over the InterNachi standards of Practice.
Property is the dwelling not the room.

My post was to protect you Kevin, not get you all fired up.

Sorry I must have pocked something I shouldn’t. :twisted:

My point is, you can go way over the SoP if you want, many of us do.

Going over without covering all your bases can still get you sued.

Your original post did not indicate you also covered items such as rezoning applications, building permit final inspection certificates, GFCI installation etc.etc. all of which would be needed to make a legal basement bedroom out of a finished basement. Next time may I suggest that when you advise someone to help educate them, you give them the whole picture, and not just a bit at a time. That way you are protecting them, if they also decide to follow your example and go way over the SoP, and not just giving them enough information to hang themselves with.

Just trying to help buddy!

I’ve got your back Kevin.

It is in some cases, and in others it’s not.

Not all properties are dwellings.

Rooms are always found in properties, but not all properties have rooms.

Don’t want others to think you don’t know what you are talking about, so I thought I’d help you out buddy!

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