Basement Floor Cracks

On a new home the basement floor has a crack that goes all the way around the basement. The crack is not too wide and barely noticeable in most places but is larger in a few places. In some places the concrete has chipped away leaving gaps 1/8 to 1/4 in. wide The crack varies from about 2 ft. to maybe 4 ft. from the wall. There is no water coming through. While I know that it is common for floors to crack it seems odd that the crack goes continuously around the basement. Anyone ever see this or have any idea what is going on? I am told that the basement was poured in the winter.

Pictures would be helpful but it does not sound like “typical” slab shrinkage cracking.

Some info:

I have 2 photos but I can seem to post them.

1/4 inch cracks are definitely wide enough to allow water seepage - if they are deep enough. A vapor barrier below the slab surely helps, but try finding someone who actually knows if there is one. :sarcasm:

If the basement floor was a monolithic slab, and the footings settled,you might see cracks like you described that followed the footings all around the basement. The link that Larry Kage posted is a very good one.

Any heaving? As long as it is level, the cracks may be due to common concrete drying shrinkage. Does it have a sump pit and pump? If not, I would suggest it. How old is the home? There is alot of junk concrete being used out there.

I think you mean can’t…and, if so, you can email them to me and I will post later today when I get back from inspections.

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