Basement floor drain

Home built in 2002.

Flooding had occurred and they installed this sewer drain in the floor.

Besides the cracked tiles, water above the inside cover do you have any thoughts about this?

I set up a radon before hand and my client was concerned about the past flooding and this particular drain.


IMG_0005 (Small).JPG

IMG_0004 (Small).JPG

It looks like a homeowner mess that may just drain into the ground below that location. I’d refer it out. Scoping may tell part of the story.

Not sure what is going on here.

Is that a clean out for the floor drain off to the left in the first pic?

That appears to be a main line cleanout plug below the water in pic #2

Yes, that is the typically clean out you will have in a 2002 build (Mikes inquiry)

Good advice Larry!!

Heading out in a few to do this particular inspection, appreciate the insight!!