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I have a 32-year-old, split-level home in MN. The basement has a duct routed under the living room slab (1/2 level higher). This duct gets water in it after HEAVY rains or snow melts. I’ve drilled a hole in the duct at the basement level and created a hose system to route the water into the basement’s drain, but obviously, this is not a long-term solution.

I can’t say if the problem is a foundation issue, a drainage issue due to a cracked patio slab right near the living room door, or some combination of everything else.

I’ve got a growing family and am desperately afraid of mold becoming an issue in my home. At this point, I’m really just wondering who to call for an unbiased diagnosis. I’m searching for MN home inspectors, but I’d love any recommendations for local contractors or inspectors from this forum.

Thank you for your help.

  • Brad

Brad, where in MN are you located?

I’m in Eagan, MN. Standard Waterproofing is coming out tomorrow to look at things, and they’ve got a great reputation, but I’m worried that an interior drain tile company is going to have a solution in-mind before they get there.

By the same token, I’m just as biased. I keep thinking that I should focus on stopping the water OUTSIDE of the foundation via a drainage system and re-poured concrete patio.

Thank you,

  • Brad

Ron, I’m in Eagan.

I have Standard Waterproofing stopping over tomorrow night to take a look at it, but I’m concerned they’ll just see the solutions that they offer: interior drain tile replacement. Admittedly, that has a problem. The sump basket is basically dry as a bone, regardless of rain, snow melt, or this dripping duct.

I keep thinking, if water is getting into the duct work, then is it even making it to the walls/existing drain tile. I suppose a clogged system would force water elsewhere - like a duct. But I can also see the case for an exterior drain system and new patio, thus routing water away from the house in the first place.

Word on the street is that Standard Water are a great company and will make a good recommendation, but I’m just trying to be cost-conscious and want to get this all done by fall due to a new baby’s scheduled arrival. (When it rains, it pours.)

Hi Brad,

Sorry to hear you are having problems.

I’d be happy to talk to you to discuss.


Brad one can not repair a roof leak from inside the attic and one can not stop water from beneath a slab with basement repairs all that does is divert water and waste your money. Stop the water before it gets to the foundation

Hey Brad,

Both Ron and Mike are great inspectors to call for help. I am further away, but also willing to assist if needed.

One question, so far… Is the living room an actual “slab-on-grade” or is it a “crawl-space”?


Thanks everyone! I just got off the phone with Mike and had a great conversation about the philosophy of water management. I really appreciate your time and consultation, Mike. And thank you to everyone else for your replies.

Brad Buelow

For anyone curious: I spent a good long time looking around with a rep from Standard Water Systems this week. We discovered that the problem area of the duct work wasn’t near the patio slab at all, but right next to the fireplace.

Incidentally, a chimney repair man had been out the week prior to talk about that project and pointed out that the chimney’s foundation was exposed with +/- 1/8" gaps open to the air. (Duh) So while I still have sweaty walls from the patio slab, my more troubling issue with the duct work might be head-smackingly simple to fix.

Chimney repair starts next week and until we get the money for the patio, I’ll be spending some quality time under my deck with a hoe (ha ha) re-routing runoff as best I can.

Thanks again, all.