basement insulation

I am finishing my basement and have the 2x4 studs up and ready to start the insulation. I have been hearing that you don’t want to put vapor barrier on so I’m trying to find out what is the proper way of doing this. We have put a sub floor in that is insulated with a 6mil vapor barrier on it. Is that going to be problem??? We were and have already bought the unfaced fiberglass insulation bats for the walls. Thanks.

What type flooring are you installing? Why did you purchase unfaced batts?

I first used 2x4s ( green treated) flat down 16" on center with fiber glass insulation in between with 6mil vapor barrier then 3/4" osb on top. We plan on using lament on that. We did a test before we started ware we taped a piece of plastic down to the floor to check for moisture and left it there for 4 days with no moisture on it at all. As far as the unfaced bats that’s what our home center recommended.

Lets start with where do you live…

The facing on the batts is impossible to airseal cheaply; most people concerned with better energy conswervation techniques use a sealed poly vapour over the faced batts, making the facing redundant.

South central Wisconsin

Depending on the type of preservative treatment for the wood, maybe you shouldn’t have used treated wood indoors. Various sources of the web have varying opinions. Check about the source of your wood and its treatment chemicals.

Fiberglass insulation is cheap but I would have recommended a rigid extruded polystyrene or even better, used one of the basement subfloor systems such as Dricor with dimpled plastic to raise the wood from the concrete away from potential soil moisture, minor leakage, or the one that has extruded foam attached to the subloor 4’x4’ T&G panels. Another technique is to lay the dimpled plastic Platen down and then place a T&G panel subfloor over it.

I live in south central Wisconsin.

South central Wisconsin.

I live in south central Wisconsin.




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Do you have a permit to finish off that basement?..Have you called in for a framing inspection? Are permits required in your area of the country? Do you have an inspection department in your local government?

Important questions that get answered first…then and only then can you move on.

That’s it ,scare everyone from asking questions , Paul.LOL

You can learn alot from the answer Bob!

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It is a question I would like you to answer Jeff.
This is a good subject so should we just pull the old get an expert trump card for every question ?

“”"“Yes all alterations should have proper permits”""
“”"" Answers do not need permits""""

I am curious myself to hear some good answers from a technical standpoint or we should just submit a canned response for every question.

Every answer should not start with “get a Professional” but it could end that way, otherwise why should anyone bother to ask questions from a bunch of Home Inspectors that even defer and dis-claim answers on a forum.

Not what I would want in my report either so can we get the answer at least here please so that we may all learn?

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Yes I do have my permits.