basement stairs

Do you write up basement stairs that are in an unfinished basement and that do not have balusters the same way you would write up deck stairs? This is my first post also.

I do.

“Safety: The basement stairs does not have a guardrail with proper picket spacing (on open side). A fall or injury could occur. An approved guardrail system should be installed for safety. Current safety standards recommend guard railing at this location.”

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Yes you should write it up, it hurts equally the same when you fall down the basement stairs. I always imagine how a 5 year old and a 95 year old would cope…

Yes. Make sure you always have a statement in your reports that state something like this: “some items are listed as a safety concern. New codes are different than older guidelines, and some items are listed in the interest of personal safety…”

Yes …

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I would.

Other than most home around me don’t have basements.

Just because it’s un-finished doesn’t mean people won’t try use it as part of their everyday lives.

My wife grew up in the South, and on snowing/raining days, her grandparents unfinished basement became a giant in-door playground.

My nephew when he was 4 fell off the basement stairs onto the concrete slab. Fractured his scull and had bleeding on the brain. Needed surgery to save his life and has a nice large crescent scar on his head to prove it. I always write this up.