Basement do they work?

Inspected a basement today with a sump, but no sump pump. Please explain to me how these sumps work. Where does the water come from and where does it go if no pump is provided?


021909 145.JPG 021909 146.JPG

What you have there is sump with a missing pump. Write it up.

Thanks James. I sort of thought that, and you confirmed it. How does the water get channeled to the sump? Drainage system beneath the slab that directs it to the sump? Never saw one installed. Limited knowledge about them in basements.

If it is a ejector pump it is sealed as it is pumping waste from a basement bathroom in most cases.
The pump will also have a grinder built in to the impeller.


Here’s a better illustration…

Water seems to make it in most basements here especially a house over 20 yrs old.

What about this thing: sump or ejector?

A pit in an expensive new home with an unfinished basement. Pit has a plate on it bolted shut.


You cannot determine what type of a Pump will be installed Joe without knowing whether it is connected to basement drain tile or a sewage waste pipe…the lid means nothing.

Actually, at least in our area, the lid means everything. The sealed and bolted ones (ejector-or sanitary- pumps) are that way to keep the sewage gases from entering the basement and the loose ones don’t need sealing because they are simple sump pumps with no sewage gases. One of the holes in the top of the sealed ejector pump lid is for venting.

Their both sealed here Larry…sump pump or ejector pumps (lids).

And vented to the exterior.

Hmmm, I wonder why? It seems like overkill.

And how do you determine what its connected to if the lid is bolted shut???

Well Joe, if there is a bathroom which might not be able to drain with gravity to the main sewage line, chances are it’s a grinder pump (sump)…but I would take the bolts off regardless to see if the foundation drain pipe is connected to the sump or if ABS Plastic sewage pipe is connected to the sump from a bathroom, laundry, kitchen, or what ever.

So if I run water in the basment bathroom for a while and the sump comes on, I still have to open it up???:wink:

In Chicago only the ejector pump gets sealed and Inspectors have no reason to unbolt them.

Joe’s does NOT have a PUMP in it (second one anyway)----:twisted:----:shock:—:stuck_out_tongue:

Joe has a picture of NOTHING but a LID (second one anyway)—:shock:


I thought you were talking about ALL sumps, damm thought you lost your mind for a second there Dale. :shock:

I will try to pay closer attention. :smiley: