Opinion Please

So in the basement slab I found this. Looks like a sump but no pump and is sealed. The pipe going into it is the furnace condensation line. So what is this ?


I do not see any bolts.

You would need to lift it to see for sure at it could be a hole in the ground for all you know.

Was there a regular sump or ejector elsewhere?

There was no ejector pump, but there was a floor drain in another location. I didn’t lift the cover (my bad) and nope, no other sump pump in the house. Ive never seen a set up like this with no actual pump installed.


It may be your basement is above the town lateral and am guessing there were not any bathroom or laundry facilities down there either.

Hopefully it is not just going into dirt though lifting the cover or looking in the other drain would have helped.

All you can do is admit not inspecting (Done this myself) and offer to look if needed or simply report what you saw.

Fortunately I am doing a Radon test, so tomorow when I go to pick them up I get a 2nd chance to checl out this mysterious hole I missed.:wink:

Looked at many strange or mysterious holes myself so have fun…:slight_smile: