Basement wall repair

Should I recommend anything on the basement wall repair below? It appears it has epoxy and some type rod in the wall as repair? There were some minor staining around floor area in basement

If it was not wet at the time of inspection, i would just make a note that it existed in the report. Id recommend monitoring.


Its your typical Polyurethane or Epoxy foundation crack injection that a homeowner can do on his own or pay someone to do. Drill holes every so many inches in the length of the crack. Insert the plastic fill tubes - those are not steel rods - and attach a can and fill each tube till it oozes out and repeat at each fill tube. Epoxy can only be used if foundation dry. Poly can be used when damp or wet. Those fill tubes stay in the wall. Its a great repair for a crack

A lot are done by crack repair franchises and come with a long warranty, so maybe add in your narrative ‘request repair and warranty information from owner’ or something like that

Hmmmm, ‘it’s a GREAT repair for a crack’… ?

I would argue otherwise and say about 50% of ALL injections to poured wall cracks re----leak, yep, that is what I have seen through 38 years in this stinky azz business.

And talk about over-friggin-priced busllhtt, well that includes injections. Shttt, have seen many charge $500-$750 for 1 stupid crack. Just about no materials involved and no labor.

Here’s a crack that was previously injected, what happened?

Would you explain to this homeowner that injections are a great repair?

Same house, the outside of same stupid crack… these inside system BUTT ho’s ignorantly claim, the epoxy etc goes… ALL the way THROUGH the crack to the outside… NONSENSE!

Short video, “Perma Seal System Fails”… looks like another injection etc to a poured wall crack and then they placed some bullshttt on the wall where the dumb azz crack is

Perma Seal’s lil grate drain bullshttt… umm, leaking huh. Great call on a solution, another cluelss fk head company

Perma Seal’s shtty little perimeter basement system…

Have a nice day and keep spreading the junk azz myths folks.

I knew you would be coming around to comment.:stuck_out_tongue:

In other words or pic, listen to Bubba AKA Mark, on your foundation repairs.:wink:

Thanks for the kind words Mr Cyr but apparently they think they know enough, or all of this subject to help their clients, huh. Maybe everything they need to know is in those inspector courses on this subject…no, wait a minute, no.