Epoxy Injection

Hey Guys I did an inspection yesterday, and there was some small water seepage through some very small cracks in poured concrete foundation wall around the water service entry. I told the client that they should have it checked but I think it can be easily fixed by epoxy injection. I also told him that it is not overly expensive, but he kind of wants a ball park figure. Any Ideas? There was actually no standing water maybe just a few dried small stains probably like a cup full of water at the most. Everything else looks stable.The wall was little damp at the floor but not mvery much.
Thanks Jeff

My advice…do not recommend corrective action for structural damage unless you are an engineer. Secondly, never provide an estimate for cost to your buyer without a clear, written and signed (by both parties) understanding that your estimate is unofficial and not to be used in any manner toward his consideration to buy/not buy the house.

You note the damage and you recommend that a qualified contractor be hired to fix it.

Now…the repairs you are recommending, if they are appropriate…should be done on both sides of the foundation in order to be permanent. Epoxy injections on the inside, only, will work until the water finds a new way in…the crack widens…etc. Thus, an expoxy injection can turn out to be quite expensive (if he does it right) or quite ineffective (if he takes the cheap way out) and your recommendation could come back to bite you.

P.S. Water seepage around service entries (and cracks) have also been seen when there is leaking in the service line on the outside of the foundation.

I agree with Jim. I shy away from estimates (even unofficial WAGs) because they vary so much. I had a small crack in my poured concrete basement wall and a company wanted $700 for epoxy injection (didn’t do it). I would just recommend a foundation contractor inspect, repair, etc.

I already had told him to get it checked by a contractor

Couldn’t agree more. Report what you see and recommend appropriate trades.