Basement Repair

These areas had what appeared to be an epoxy type material oozing out in several areas with what I believe to be hydraulic cement mopped over. The areas actually tested dry but I have my doubts as to the effectiveness of these repairs.

I’m fairly certain this was a homeowner special type repair. What would you note in the report concerning this.



Just going by your pictures, I would recommend client obtaining repair invoice/ info from homeowner. Any reputable foundation repair company provides a transferable lifetime warranty. If no invoice/ info is available, I would recommend evaluation by a foundation repair contractor.

Doesn’t look like a pro did it to me Vince. I would follow Robert’s advice.

Obviously a Novice repair.
I would be curious as to what was being repaired.
Was it a shinkage crack or a structural crack?

Sure looks like a hydraulic cement used to try and stop a leak, explaining the streaks.

Recommend a foundation repair expert/waterproofing contractor on this one.
Problem may be on the exterior.
If a structural crack, it will open up again.

Marcel :):smiley:

My client said the “homeowner repairs” were not there a week ago so I know it was done relatively recently. Unfortunately he did not remember what the area looked like prior to these repairs.

One other repair looked like it was performed by a contractor.

Thanks for the comments and good advice.


Vince you come across some whoppers lol :slight_smile:

Sometimes those who do injections talk homeowners into an injection repair when its not needed. Not needed meaning, the crack did NOT penetrate,go through to the exterior,some are super thin,crack goes into wall maybe 1/2-1" or less, and of course wall is 8-12" thick.

Another thing about these injections is they do not repair/seal other exterior openings just above the crack where water first-enters and so water can/will still enter on inside,usually up high on wall,right where the crack is seen
Water can first-enter here…and through other gaps/crevices/openings above the top-of-crack and inside the basement it`ll look like the crack leaks up high (sometimes mid way) on wall inside basement.

Don`t mean to go on forever!! Trying to point out several scenarios/possibilities.

This is why ill often run a water-test,especially if its a shrinkage crack or any thin-hairline crack because, if crack doesnt penetrate to the outside then homeowner doesnt need repair....if they were seeing water then the water is sometimes ONLY entering through gaps/openings above the wall, as seen in pics. Sure,some HOs will want something done w/crack anyways,ok,if thats what ya want fine but if i just ran water,LOTS of water on the outside of shrinkage crack etc and NO water enters,nary a drop. Just showed em the crack does not extend to outside…water is first entering through OTHER exterior opening(s).

Of course well run water above the crack to prove this,like soaking/spraying the basement window or open joints etc.....and THEN water enters,then theyll see water on inside.

On the other hand,some teeny tiny lil hairline cracks do penetrate
Ran water test to show homeowner AND my own azz that, yes, when i run water from ground-level down it does enter through the crack. Tells me crack penetrates to outside and needs to be waterproofed and/or are other openings,depends how one does the water test/where ya run water.

Sometimes INSTEAD of runninwater test ill just dig out,dig down 6-12" and brush wall and see if crack penetrates to outside. And if grade is a lil low,you can see the TOP of wall outside then you may see the top of the crack(won`t need to dig/run water),may have to brush wall.

Same here,can barely see it but it does leak/allow water in,did water test
Same house,see ‘other opening’ where water can enter. This and other outside gaps above the wall,around basement windows are what injections cannot seal and when ya don`t seal everything the homeowner will leak/see water on inside again.
Obviously,this aint no lil crack.No way should any injection be attempted w/these but some bozo try. In 30 yrs when weve been called by HO who had an inside injection done and still leak, weve NEVER seen the epoxy/urethane penetrate through the crack to the outside…as many claim.

About 50% of all injection re-leak,this is what we`ve seen throughout 30 years. Several reasons they re-leak, one is, crack widens a lil bit or quite a bit from lateral soil pressure or a porch footing/concrete slab etc

This is one example of why quite a few companies who do injections get call-backs/BBB customer complaints,are incompetent in diagnosing the actual problem and/or only care about getting a job.Example,Crack Team only does injections,had 23 customer complaints within 36 months and still has an unsatisfactory BBB record due to unanswered complaints. Someone wants to use em go ahead,just trying to point out couple facts is all. Ok,sorry so long!

I had one that was a hairline crack at the top and opened up to about 3/4" near the bottom and appeared to have been repaired twice. I recommended further evaluation by a structural engineer. Got a call from a G.C. the buyer had hired and he said the realtor told him it was a small crack. I explained the repairs to him and he said he would go look at it because it sounded worse than the realtor described it. I let him know that he had to move the refrigerator to get a good look. :p:p

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