Bathroom Exhaust Duct?

[FONT=“Times New Roman”]Good morning, I was looking for input on bathroom fan Duct Material. I have installed 4" lightweight SDR plastic pipe with 3M / 3340 (UL181A-P and UL 181 B-FX) Silver tape for joints. Do you see any issue with materials used?


Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to use the standard smooth interior flex or non-flex pipe that is normally associated with bathroom fans.?:slight_smile:

I would think that it would be easier to install said flex piping as far as I am concerned the material that I did install is overkill since the (Broan) provided snap on adapter from the exhaust fan to duct would be the weakest link. I believe what I installed is more than adequate, it is the inpector that is saying that it should be solvent welded PVC pipe and that the 3M Silver Foil tape is inadequate as the adhesive will dry out over time and fail. I call BS on that and wanted to get some other feedback from those in the field. I will post a picture later of the installation. Thanks