Bathroom Floor Register

Correct me if I am not right, but isn’t it wrong to have a heat register on the floor in a bathroom? I thought they had to be wall mounted. Just inspected a new home and this struck me as very odd.

I see them in the floors more often than not around here. Old and new homes alike. What’s your concern? Water getting into the duct work in the event of an overflow or leak?

Exactly, water that may make it into the duct system, possible mold growth etc. It is causing me to 2nd guess myself…

I know of no code requirement that states where the register has to be. Most good installers will place the outlet below the cabinet and use a toe board grill just for that reason hard to get water into it. I see most of the new construction using hard plastic boots now days in the floor. I have seen a couple of million small bathrooms with one window between the commode and the tub and the register is on the floor below the window. Not a good choice but that is where they are.

Thanks Charlie, this 2007 house had the register between the whirlpool tub and the corner shower stall unit. The glass enclosure was leaking and it got me thinking…
Thanks again
Gerald Wilcox

I always recommend shower doors and tub/shower curtains! :slight_smile:

If the unit runs (summer or winter) it will dry out anything that gets in there. If you have a flood, you have more than the duct to worry about.

I see floor registers in Baths, Laundrys, Kitchens all the time. I personally think it is a poor design choice, but I know of no code issues.
The obvious problems of possible water, food, etc. dropping down through the register is a nuisence, but the possible damage that occurrs to various floor finishes like hardwood, laminate flooring, tile, etc. can be, down the road, a more costly maintenance/repair issue. I see that all the time, as well.

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There are threads around here damning under cabinet supply air…

Take your pick.

It’s always depends on how you want it. But as far as I concern it will be in floors.

Thank you for sharing valuable information.