Bathroom Plexiglass

What are the requirements for plexiglass windows installed in homes. The specifics include a 4.4 mil home with lots of custom construction including a wavy acrylic or plexiglass window in the bathroom. All the research I’ve done on acrylic vs tempered tells me this installation should be fine. Any window experts out there!?

I agree, Dakota…

Just an educational note: “Plexiglass” is a common term used for Plexiglass, Lucite, Polycarbonate, Acrylic and other similar materials. Similar but not created equal. Major differences regarding UV exposure and strength. Yes, it can be quite difficult to determine the exact material, sometimes nearly impossible if the material had been cut from a larger sheet removing any manufacturers identification. Some of the material is highly impact resistant - can stop a 12 gauge slug fired from 3 feet - think bank teller windows - others can barely stop a blow from a strong human punch. I have seen architects and local codes officers SPECIFY the exact type of material in regard to safety concerns when used as fall protection barrier for “Skywalks” and elevated deck perimeters.