Plastic windows in garage door

Outside the HVHZ. Garage doors with plastic windows in upper panel. Door is rated and bares a wind load sticker. However, Windows/lites are NOT impact or protected by additional shutters.

This would be considered unprotected glazed openings, correct?

Correct in my opinion.

Yes, at least one

Not an attempt to answer your question, but a link that discusses “plastics” in general, for educational purposes.

Is it plastic or lexan? Is lexan a glazed opening? Is lexan plastic?

From the link in post #4

Just got here so the question really is whether the glazing is impact rated or meets criteria for Miami dade. Most of the time it is not, get info and research it with the manufacturer. If the panels are less than 1/8" thick (and are not made of transparent aluminum) they don’t meet an impact rating.

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