Non Tempered New Window

This window was installed last year. 9" off the floor, the center window has about 20 sq. ft. of non-tempered glass. The two side windows are casements with inside screen. The center window must be tempered, are the casements OK with the inside screen? I would think the owner should have recourse with the window company.

what was the measurement of the side windows?

Side windows about 10 Sq ft, exceeds the max. 9 Sq Ft, but do the screens offer protection?

This may help here;

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Is tempered glass really required at that location?

No the screens do not offer protection. In fact, they typically have a sticker that says they do not offer fall protection and to parent your kids yourself for safety, or some such.

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Are you sure they were not tempered?
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They are definitely not tempered, I took a lot of time to carefully look for the stamp. The owner also stated that the glass is not tempered. This is a replacement window, 2008.

The windows referred to in a recent post were “divided” with grids. The window glass referred to in this thread is not divided or protected in any way. IRC section R308.4 paragraph 7. Exposed area of individual pane larger than 9 Sq. Ft.; Bottom edge less than 18 inches above the floor; Top edge more than 36" above the floor: One or more walking surfaces within 36" horizontally of the glazing. Looks like a window replacement will be required.


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window at stairs (Small).JPG

window at stairs (Small).JPG

window at stairs (Small).JPG

In my humble opinion, the window sashes do not appear to exceed 9 Sq. Ft. The door is divided, not a continuous glazing. Each should be acceptable.