bathroom receptacles

(Brian W. Stehr) #1

Had a customer phone me and tell me that she was disappointed that I did not tell her specifially that there was no receptacle in the main bathroom. I expressed to her that this is not a material defect. Am I wrong in not specifically stating this in the report

(Allan G. Berdahl, CMI) #2

I class not having a GFCI receptacle or no recepacle in the bathroom as a deficiency and note as such in the report. If there is no receptacle, people have a tendancy to use a hall outlet that gives absolutely no protection at all. I always recommend GFCI protected receptacles in all bathrooms. If no receptacle is noted in a bathroom, recommend providing a GFCI protected receptacle in the bathroom for safety.

(Vern Mitchinson, CCHI CMI) #3

Good point Allan. No plug-in no comment 2 points. Advise that outlet should be installed. 3 points.