Is it required to have outlets in the bathroom? The only circuit is a light. this house is over 100 yrs old. I would think that it would be required, to eliminate the use of extention cords.


Hi Gary, under NEC at least one 20amp outlet would be required

Just remember that this is modern code requirement, but one should have been installed at some point in the buildings history when other system upgrades were being done.



most bathrooms i find in older homes that dont have a wall outlet, usually have a single outlet built into the side of a medicine cabinet.

keep a look out for these.

FYI, I’ve found them built into the vanity light too.


Hey guys, good point about the medicine cabinets.


I agree with the others. This is not at all always the case.
I see MANY older homes, especially occupied by elderly folks, with no bath receptacles.

You can cite this as a defect/deficiency if you want but it is typically NOT a code violation. IMO you cannot compel a seller to add one if no other work is being done.
It is simply a FACT that some old homes are sold as-is.

Buyers compel sellers, not inspectors. You just have to point out things that will be a concern and the lack of GFCI receptacle will be a concern for the average buyer.
A buyer might not notice it is missing in the flurry of other things they are looking at, that is why they hire you.

I say this in the Summary: “There is no wall outlet, and if one is installed it should have ground-fault protection.”