Bathroom Shut-off Valves - Mineral deposits - Do you note them as leaking in reports?

Hey Guys,
I wanted to get your opinion on this… Do you note (leaks) in your report if you observe the blue mineral encrustations around the base of water shut off valves… I know that they are mineral deposits, and on most bathroom/kitchen sink valves I see them… Do you note them as leaks, and as a precaution to prevent moisture intrusion damage?


if you do not feel or see any visible leaks… just note them as functional??? Since this is a very common issue…

I am curious, let me know…

I note the corrosion.

As Larry said, I note the corrosion. I only note a leak if I see a leak. Report what you see!

Unwiped solder joints is also a cause from left over flux, acid, or other contaminants.

Corrosion, Scaling, and Metal Mobility Research

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Thanks guys! and the EPA is always a great resource…

That is an indicator of a past leak that will probably return.

I would imagine that this type of observance would indicate the some moisture has occurred for the chemical reaction to provide the observed bluish substance on the fitting. I would not just that, and potential future leakage of that joint or fitting is eminent.

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I used to note corrosion in my reports all the time. With the advent of my Interactive Report System on August 1, 2005, I no longer note corrosion unless there is a big, huge, monster, gigantic hunk of it, or it is obviously (visibly) leaking.

Over at About Homes, I have stored the “Corrosion” section of my Interactive Report System. It is a one-page PowerPoint presentation and is available for NACHI members only. Simply go to About Homes, click on Library, click on NACHI, enter the NACHI password and click on “Verify.” If you enter the password correctly, it will state “NACHI access granted.” Then you can download any of the files there that are reserved for NACHI members. The “Corrosion” file is 0299.

In this case it’s not corrosion but an indicator of a previous leak which in my experience as a service plumber, will return. I think by annotating on your report will at least cover your butt should they seek recourse when it starts to leak again.:slight_smile: