Bathroom Sink Made Gurgling Sound

Bathroom sink I inspected made a gurgling sound when water drained. I thought this may have to do with improper venting or p trap. The pipe was p trap, not s trap. Please advise.

This is likely the cause.

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Gurgling drains can have several reasons. Gurgling drains might be from a partially clogged drain, a blocked drain or the drain not being properly vented.

When this type of anomaly happens, gurgling, I put my ear close to other basin drains. That way I can locate a branch line. I also smell drains for Odors. Sewer odor represent sanitary trap seals or vent is lost. No odors and Gurgling represent DWV.

You made no mention of the drain running slow. If this is the case it will likely be a poor vent.

If it does it consistently, there could be several reasons SO recommend review by a competent plumber AND keep moving


I had this today, in my bathroom sink. It was a girlfriends hair clogging up the stopper.

This noise, like others have noted, could be caused by a few factors. Common causes include drain blockage, improper venting, no venting, or even clogged venting (I’ve found dead animals in stacks). Keep inspecting, look for other evidence of the above.

Recommend further evaluation by a qualified plumber and action as recommended by the plumber.

Get one of these…

I guess it’s clogged ha.

Thanks Brandon.

If the drain was slow, why would that be a venting issue and not simply a clogged drain. Hair, etc.

When a sink drains, it creates a vacuum if there is no vent or a vent is clogged; gurgling and slow draining is the result. A pipe clog can cause similar issues.

Think about the air replacing soda in a two liter soda bottle as you pour. Gulp Gulp Gulp…air replacing the soda as it leaves the bottle. If you were to poke a hole in the bottom of the bottle while you were pouring, the gulping would stop and the soda would flow very quickly. (you vented the bottle)

Also, look up air admittance valve. If present, it can fail and cause the problem you described.

In my narrative, I just describe the slow drain and the gurgling, then recommend a plumber. Let the plumber diagnose.

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