Bathroom Sink Trap Question

Hi everyone,

I was hoping I might be able to get some help undersink :p.

I installed a new vanity and sink. The vanity has a drawer below the doors which means it is only a few inches below the sewer connection under the sink. I also got a very shallow sink.

My question is this, can I put a bend in the sewer pipe that makes it go directly up and then bend it back horizontal and then into a P-trap or will this create problems and/or be against code?

I included a sketch of what I am hoping to do. Will this work? Its a drain that will mostly be used for hand washing/teeth brushing…so I dont think clogging will be much of an issue.

If this solution is a no go does anyone have any other ideas?

Thanks in advance,

That sounds like the plan would be a double trap which is a no-go but, without a picture, it is hard to say for sure.

Here is a diagram that I made. Keep in mind the distances are not overly accurate. After the p-trap arm extend 7 inches before turning towards the floor, heads down 7-8 more inches and turns back into the wall. I will take a picture tonight.

I found this other thread where I saw this. I believe my set up would not qualify as an S-trap since the trap arm is way more than 2 X the trap diameter (7inches). I guess the only question I have is whether exiting to the wall instead of the floor is a problem in this situation?

I assume that this should not cause a problem but you can ask a plumber about this. And yes as your vanity is only few inches below the sewer connection under the sink you will have to take the proper connections that would not affect the pipes in the sink.