'Nuther S-Trap Dilemma

I did a lot of reading about S-Traps and P-Traps but was still not 100% sure my setup is good. I have a friend “apprentice” plumber that told me that my setup is not good. I know S-traps are a no-no but if they are vented properly they may pass inspection???

This setup is for our his/her sink setup and the vent picks up the shower and tub beneath the floor. I test fit everything and have not glued it up yet. Should I reconfigure this somehow?

Thanks in advance for your expertise. :mrgreen:

I agree with you plumber friend.

For one.

How do you intend to get the sink drain attached to what you show?

BTW-this is not a plumbers forum.

*I’d say…Get rid of the second angle on each end (of the “vent” pipe" you listed), come straight across and setup your p-trap there.

*I am not a plumber

WTF ???.. (Not short for “Wow, that’s fantastic”).

*I am not a plumber

You also used way more fittings than needed.

Call a plumber.

If you are having it inspected, I don’t see how wit would pass as shown.

Your pipe being used as the air vent is connected too low on the downward pipe. If you connected it to the top portion of the S trap pipe gojng down then it would have a better chance of working. Almost as if u used a AAV.

What do you think he bought all of those fittings laying on the floor for? :smiley:

Only his hair dresser knows?

Electrical won’t pass either:roll:

Don’t care for the nails, eh?:wink:

He needs to get back on his bike trainer (on the left side of photo) or go out on his bike and hire someone to do the remodeling

Thanks for the advice. I will reconfigure and post again when I get a chance. Had a few that night and went ahead and started without my plumber, trying to get ahead of him.

Didn’t realize how much people like to hear themselves type in these places. That aside, these are for the most part where some of the best in the business hang and I appreciate your advice.


Still not sure whether your set up is 100% wrong. For instance the minimum and maximum trap arm distance can both be incorrect? At the same time? Total Re Do due.

*I am not a plumber

Correct… it’s “Do Due”! :wink:

It appears your not going to pass the electrical with the wires like that, better think about that or you will be doing the plumbing a 3rd time.

How about this;

Retired Master Plumber (that don’t know how to draw the inside of a black tee.) :slight_smile:


Looks good to me. And, it’s nice to see you around here again. :slight_smile: