Question: Bathroom sink drain/p-trap

Hey there,

I’m not really great at fixing plumbing issues but am attempting to fix an upstairs p-trap. The problem is this; The main drain comes down and the p-trap connects to it…the problem being that the other end of the p-trap is not matching up with the pipe that goes into the wall. It’s a good 1/2" off.

Any advice? Thanks.

Brad which way is it off? Is the p-trap tail piece which goes into the wall pipe too high or too low?

Length or diameter?

I’m sorry. It’s off on the “horizontal plane”, not vertical.

If its the right height and length then you should beable to loosen the couplings and skew the trap to the right or left so it fits. Start by putting the tail piece or arm into the pipe that comes out of the wall, it may seem too long but for now thats ok. then move the trap until it lines up with the part of the arm that is pointing down. If the arm is too long cut some off the other end. Hope this helps and make sense.

Thanks, it does.