Bathroom vent duct too long?

What do you guys think of this? I can’t decide how to write it up or if I should. This is the duct for the bathroom vent. It does extend all the way through the roof.


An uninsulated bathroom vent duct that has sags in it builds up water due to condensation in my neck of the woods. Should vent straight up and out the roof.

Agreed, no sags, and shortest run possible.

Was it discharging air out topside? You did turn on all the EFs b4 walking the roof, right?

Yes air was discharging from the roof.

if it “sucks”, then what is your question?

I don’t think we’re here to tell people how to build their houses. If the component is installed and it doesn’t function as intended then it is a home inspection deficiency. Otherwise what “could happen” is really immaterial, isn’t it?


You don’t report on things that are done incorrectly even if they are functioning at the time of the inspection. Today I called out some vinyl siding at a new construction that was installed incorrectly. Would it function as intended, probably for quite some time, but it was wrong.

Can you elaborate Please David?

In tend to agree with David.
They will not be adding another hole in the roof or moving the bathroom at this point.

So you won’t call out something that is wrong because it would be a pain to change. I don’t care if something is going to be done about anything I report, but if it’s wrong I will report it.

For those of you he need further explanation, please post here where any home inspection standard states that we must evaluate if things are installed correctly.

If it functions as intended. Is not a safety hazard. There is no other visible condition associated with it. It doesn’t matter to me how they put it in.

Somebody said there might be moisture in there. Is there? If not?

There is a whole lot of stuff in the houses I inspect that are not done the way I would do them. Does this make it correct for me to point these out?

If this ventilator duct is too long, what is the ultimate failure?

Inadequate ventilation?

Does anybody know how to test for adequate ventilation?

If it properly ventilates,as the OP indicated it is, then what is the problem?

Nowhere does it say that a bathroom fan duct must be a certain length maximum. However if it doesn’t function because the length is too long, then it is deficient. Otherwise it is not.

I guess it comes down to a personal decision in reporting style. I report things that I would like to know if I was the client. If there is a potential for an issue, and I can have it corrected prior to it becoming an issue than I want to know.

I do see your point though.