Bathroom window venting inside house?

I called out a bathroom window venting inside house as not properly venting to the exterior of the house. But could it be acceptable to vent in a sun room?

Was it a full bath and was there a mechanical vent?

IMO, with the exception of the lack of prvacy, the window is a non-issue.

Is this a dryer vent?

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With no other mechanical ventilation, I would say no, you cannot vent to another finished space.


I do know that if the boys were over after Taco night, I think the sun room would be a no-go zone.

That said, it looks like that window is below a soffit, so you would in effect be venting INTO a soffit and that’s not permissible in Florida anyway. I dunno about elsewhere.

Compliant or not, it’s a bad idea. Moisture and odors will emit from that window.


GFCI cover

There was a mechanical vent, that’s also why I said keep window closed, and blinds covered when using bathroom for privacy.

Fortunately it did have a power vent going onto attic, (that was called out) but the idea of a bathroom window going to sunroom was not well thought out on the contractors part.

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The sunroom is a kit that was likely added on after its original construction. My mother has a similar situation, except in her case, it is the kitchen window. None issue.

Thanks! I was looking at this as a outlet cover…

With that said, I think the bathroom vent goes back to your local code requirements. If it was required at the time of construction to vent to the exterior, it shouldn’t be altered.

I see two different components here. One appears to be a receptacle…the other?


Bathrooms need to be vented. Although an openable window is allowed for the vent in today’s energy conscious world it is a bad allow unconditioned air into the bath while using it. In heating climates it would simply not be opened when needed. Mechanical vents can’t vent to any enclosed space. No reason to call out the bathroom window if there is a separate mechanical vent.


Agreed and I do mention that in my reports, however I do also mention that it may not have been required at the time of construction and it’s up to the client if they want to install one. Not up to the seller.

Than in my opinion, I wouldn’t even mention the window. It is odd, but that’s about it.


Same here. This is a non-issue.


Non issue until open the drapes and windows and”go to the bathroom” while your company is out in the sunroom? Tanking a shower, that depends?

Both are outlets, little overboard with coverage, but they did not change it when addition was added.

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So are you looking at it as a privacy issue, or a vent issue? The bathroom has a mech vent so not sure why you would open the window to the sunroom where the guests are sitting. But even then, no different than a guest not doing any venting and then leaving the bath door open upon exiting the stink chamber. :sweat_smile:

As far as privacy, that’s not something I normally consider during a home inspection I guess.


It’s still not a functional deficiency issue, rather a design issue.
Cosmetics & design do not make my report.


I agree. I once considered buying a flip house. A 1970’s dive with a sunken jacuzzi in the middle of the living room with mirrors on all the walls. Some of which I suspect were not one-way mirrors, lol. Not really a concern for the inspector IMO. But in that case, it might make my report.

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