Bay window metal roof and Log home.

Thoughts? Bay window on a 2003 home, with a large eave 20 feet above this No water seemed to get inside, may have been so little that it didnt matter…
I pulled about 4 screws, metal was form fitted around the logs, no flashing

I would just recommend repairs as needed to prevent water entry/damage.

Curious why you took it apart…

Some of the screws weren’t threaded into anything. I took it apart because I suspected it was installed this way. I was actually expecting to see moisture damage, but saw none.

It is interesting what some pass off as their best effort in workmanship.

An old guy told me early on in my building life that whatever we did was going to be there for quite a while so quality is important.

I see metal roofs on bay windows on log homes butted to the logs a lot. They just cut them to fit, once in a while they caulk. I seldom see any problem from it.

I just recommend they caulk it or keep it caulked, call it not right but mention that there’s no sign of failure, and move on…

With that eave projecting out that far beyond the bay window and it being located on a gable end, this bay window metal roof won’t see much moisture.

But an upgrade (sealant) applied to the transition area is definitely a good recommendation.

The only thing I remove on a home inspection is the SE dead front. I can’t believe you go as far as removing a Sellers roofing material.

Wow! Those look awesome man! Great work!

Check out these log home builders. They create some incredible homes.

thanks for the valuable information