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What else do I need to buy for this Camera , example Lens? computer program? other cables ? caring case ? .
Is what comes with the camera enough to get started I have signed up for lever 1 class .
Have not bought Camera yet why is the price changing so fast is there a newer better camera just around the corner ?

… Cookie

There is always a newer better item around the corner.

I expect to see the prices fall even further over the next year.

Now the big question do I buy now or wait for lower price? better camera?

Murphy’s Law in regards to technology guarantees that you will always be able to buy it for less the day after you purchased it. :smiley:

This is the camera I use. It has everything you need to get started, but
the proper training. (you may want to order a spare battery, they come
in handy but the camera can be run on the cord if needed).

I am establishing myself as the leader in this area for those who look for
thermal imaging. This is why I did not wait for my competitors to buy
their cameras before me.

These IR cameras do not have the demand like personal computers
do, so do not look for this technology to drop in price quite as fast.

I just found moisture behind a fireplace mantle (unseen) and an electrical
hot spot (280+ degrees) under one of the breakers in a panel.

It works for me. I don’t not leave home with it.

I can not believe what I am reading Roy Cook going to buy a B-Cam and been giving me a hard time for using an amp meter on an electric furnace What gives Roy are you going Hi-Tech. Glad to hear it congratulations. I am a of the opinion that we all in the HI business should provide our clients every advantage and or tool we can afford to allow us to provide a better service.

Keep it up

Thanks for the plug I just tried to give you a green and it said I had already given you my quota and that I had to give some to others first.
NACHI is great we can at times disagree and still like each other .

vBulletin Message You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to cbottger again.

John M.

When you think about it Flir should be giving us the extra battery with the purchase of the camera. The case my camera came with has a slot for the extra battery when I asked about the extra battery I was told it costs $300.
IMO It should be included with the purchase. I guess it’s a money grab from Flir just like the cost of the courses. Level 1 cost me $1900+ Tax [less discount]!!! WOW!!
Maybe I should buy some stock.


Buy now!!
Will the camera cost $1000 less 6 months from now? You can actually make more than that using the camera in the next 6 months.

BTW I don’t know how they [Flir] can improve this camera, it works great the way it is!

I got the BCAM battery for $150.

See, it really does matter who you know. :slight_smile:

This is Canada John!!
We are used to paying double for everything up here, even when our Dollar is worth more!!

Live from WAHI

I’m listening to Steve Ramos from HGTV give a presentation on Infrared for Home Inspectors.

Good stuff, more later.:slight_smile:

Want to see Darwin’s natural selection at work? Here’s a post on another board that shows why some folks just shouldn’t be business owner’s:

This continues to happen to about 90%~ of new home inspectors .
This is just a little more dramatic and maybe faster then some others .
WE had many in Canada who lived close to the Toronto Conference who did not come as they had too make a living .
Many passed up the opportunity to get more education to be a good home inspector.
Unfortunately too many feel a quick course and they are a home inspector .
I am mentoring two at this time who have much of the book learning .
I expect they will have a good chance of not being in that 90% who do not last.
They have told me I have learned so much in these inspections and increased my knowledge about inspecting.
I do not know how those who have not had mentoring can survive.
The knowledge I have gained is fantastic.
Every inspection they continue to improve their knowledge and methods.

… Cookie

As I stated on another thread, if any NACHI members are planning on attending infrared training in the Boston area in the near future, my house is available for your living and eating quarters. You might as well take advantage of saving yourself some money if your flying out here.

I’ll be attending the 3.5 day Building Sceience course next week. The training building is only a quick fifteen minute drive for me.

Wow… I wish I knew about you back when I took my training
6 mths ago. NACHI helping NACHI seen at it’s best.


Hey Roy I had a look at this link and they won’t sell to us Canucks!!

I ended up buying my Camera in Canada and have signed up for the course . We had a long discusion and I was going to get mine shipped to a friend in USA and drive down to pick it up .
I ended up paying $500.00 more then I could get it for in the USA felt I could not drive down for $500;00 but if it had of been more I would have done it .
I did not get a finale amount of what the duty would have been .
But as It is manufactured IN Sweden there might be I was quoted by customs over the phone 15 Minutes some where from 0% to a max of 5% .
I have signed up for the Course in Burlington Dec 4 to 7th inclusive .
Do not have my Camera yet but you need it for the course no Camera Pay an extra of up too about $600:00 22 max for the course and when its full its full.
This is the web site .
Please call if I can help Roy Cooke 613-475-1144.